pp. 7-20:

Free Will and the Brain: A Novel Interpretation of the Readiness Potential in the Libet Paradigm

Marc Wittmann, Han-Gue Jo, Thilo Hinterberger, Stefan Schmidt

Download PDF full text (German) 

pp. 21-46:

Anthropocentric Transterrestrics: The Critique of SETI Programs That Are Based on Natural-Scientific Orientation

Andreas Anton, Michael Schetsche

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pp. 47-54:

The Parapsychological Association, Affiliated Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

E. Douglas Dean

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pp. 55-87:

The Frightening Borderlands of Enlightenment: The Vampire Problem

Peter J. Bräunlein

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pp. 88-109:

The Power of the Black Sun: (Oc)cultural Perspectives on Nazi/SS Esotericism

Eva Kingsepp

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pp. 110-129:

Hans Driesch, the Vitalist: Between Biology, Philosophy and Parapsychology

Stephan Krall

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pp. 130-139:

Louis Favre and the Anomaliology of Phenomena

Renaud Evrard

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pp. 140-152:

Continued Discussions on Previous Papers

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Re "Sargon's Sea Serpent" by Ulrich Magin, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik 10 (2010), pp. 237-255:

  • Ulrich Magin: Recently Discovered: Sea Serpent Report of Sargon The Great

Re double issue 2-3, 2014, of the Zeitschrift für Anomalistik:

  • Wilhelm Kaltenstadler: Many Starting Points for One's Own Thoughts

Concerning "Political Ideology vs. Parapsychological Research. On Tensions Between Marxism-Leninism and Parapsychology in the Former GDR and USSR" by Martin Schneider and Andreas Anton, and the subsequent comments, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik 14 (2014), pp. 159-223:

  • Wilfried Kugel: Nota bene

The authors respond:

  • Martin Schneider, Andreas Anton: Western Parapsychology as "Cold War Science"

Concerning "On Clarifying Basic Terms and Concepts of Parapsychology and Related Disciplines" by Michael Tremmel, and the subsequent comment, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik 14 (2014), p. 248-316:

  • Wilfried Kugel: Post scriptum

The author responds:

  • Michael Tremmel: Parapsychic oder Psi Phenomena, Parapsychology oder Paraphysics?

pp. 153-158:

Conference Report—Occultism in a Shell. Institutionalization of Scientific Work on the Paranormal in the 20th Century, an International Comparison

Michael Seelig

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pp. 159-169:

Conference Report—A Personal View about the 57th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association (PA). Report on Synchronicity, Parapsychology, and Friendship

Ricarda R. Zöhn

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pp. 170-172:

Apostil—Let there be heavy books around us!

Gerd H. Hövelmann

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pp. 173-208:

Book Reviews

Download PDF full text (German)

  • Günter F. Janßen (2014). Ließchens Wald
    Reviewer: T.A. Günter
  • Stefan Schmidt (2014). Experimentelle Parapsychologie. Eine Einführung
    Reviewer: Andreas Anton
  • Bernd Stiegler (2014). Spuren, Elfen und andere Erscheinungen. Conan Doyle und die Photographie
    Reviewer: Gerhard Mayer
  • Douglas Selvage & Christopher Nehring (2014). Die AIDS-Verschwörung. Das Ministerium für Staatssicherheit und die AIDS-Desinformationskampagne des KGB
    Reviewer: Florian G. Mildenberger
  • Andrea von Wilmowsky (2014). Segelfalter
    Reviewer: Ricarda R. Zöhn
  • Michael Butter (2014). Plots, Designs, and Schemes: American Conspiracy Theories from the Puritans to the Present
    Reviewer: Alan Schink
  • Charis K. Skarlakidis (2012). Heiliges Licht. Das Wunder vom Karsamstag am Grab Christi
    Reviewer: Wolfram Mandel
  • Edzard Ernst (2015). Nazis, Nadeln und Intrigen. Eine Autobiografie. Erinnerungen eines Skeptikers
    Reviewer: Florian G. Mildenberger

pp. 209-213:

Abstract Service

Andreas Sommer, Gerd H. Hövelmann

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